I am a part-time lecturer at Jikei University, so I am on the campus only on Thursdays. I check e-mail every day, so if you need to contact me please use the e-mail address below:

dennis.riches[at]gmail.com   ([at] = @)

If you send me an e-mail, be sure to mention your name, which class you are in, and state the day and time of the class (for example, Thursday 10:40).
To send me homework by e-mail, send it in an MSWord (.docx) file as an attached file (other formats are possible, but this is the most common choice for documents). Please name it with this format, with the hyphens:

your last name-your first name-year-month-day.docx    

for example: tanaka-saburo-2018-11-21.docx

The date should be the date you send the attachment. If you send another draft later, it is easy for me to see which file is the most recent one.