Final assignment to prepare for the class on July 9:

Prepare a 500-700 word (one page of A4 paper, 12 point font, Times New Roman font) commentary about what we studied in the three videos on June 11, 18, and 25 (Panic and Pandemic, Lessons from the Vineyard, and Pathways to Immunity—see the links below). You can choose to write about all three, or two, or one of the videos. You are free to write whatever you want about them. During the final class, you will have to read your commentary aloud. For the final evaluation I will check how well you can deliver this commentary as a speech. The final zoom lesson will be recorded. Each student will attend for only ten minutes. Check the schedule below indicated by your student number.

You should send your written document to me by July 6 as an attachment file so that I can fix grammar errors for you. Your final speech will be better if it doesn’t contain grammar errors.

I also gave this for homework on July 2: a voice training video that will help you make your speech on July 9. Try using the technique taught by this video, and tell me next week if you find this to be a useful way to develop your speaking skill.

Schedule for July 9. You need to join the Zoom meeting only for ten minutes.

75: 9:00

76: 9:10

81: 9:20

94: 9:30

105: 9:40

107: 9:50

58: 10:50

66: 11:00

68: 11:10

87: 11:20

89: 11:30

102: 11:40

104: 11:50

To prepare for the class on July 2, 2020

Before the class, watch the ten-minute video Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell (9:32). You can view it with Japanese subtitles, English subtitles or no subtitles. You can download the transcript here.

To prepare for the class on June 25, 2020

I prepared another original transcript to study this week. The video that you need to watch before June 25 is Pathways to Immunity (12 minutes). Biophysicist Creon Levit explains some of the complexities of the human immune system and how these complexities relate to our understanding of the corona virus pandemic. Download the transcript of the video Pathways to Immunity.

There is a longer version of the video (1:16:00), without accurate English subtitles, but you don't need to watch it. These videos were published on June 6, 2020.

Two more classes remain after June 25: July 2 and July 9.

To prepare for the class on June 18, 2020

I prepared new, original material for you to study this week. It is a viewpoint on the pandemic from a French wine-maker who lives in Spain. He relates his knowledge of growing grape vines to the present social and health crisis that the world is in. He has some original perspectives on the importance of immunity.

You can read his message by downloading this pdf file (seven pages), and you can do both reading and listening practice by watching this video (27 minutes).

In the next class, we will discuss this video, and we will use the video to do some listening comprehension exercises. I haven't prepared a vocabulary list, so read it carefully and prepare questions you want to ask about vocabulary.

To prepare for the class on June 11, 2020

Download and print out this six-page pdf document: Pandemics and Infodemics.

This document is a transcript of a video podcast. On the first page there is a link to the video and a vocabulary list. Watch the video (23 minutes) before the class on June 11, and have the document with you at the time of the online lesson.